The first day of the summer school (Monday 14th May) is dedicated entirely to the TESIS fellows.

The primary goals for the fellows’ day are to reacquaint ourselves with one another, share and discuss current work, and prepare for the upcoming summer school’s activities and discussions. To these ends, Elena and Miriam have organized the day as follows:

Body activities

We will begin and end the day with brief activities to center ourselves and be present in body-mind for the summer school. These activities are meant not only to help us get grounded and feel comfortable, but also as warm-ups for the reflections on embodiment that are the focus of this summer school.

Phenomenology discussion / group work

We want to pick up from where we left off in Heidelberg by revisiting the questions: what is phenomenological method? How might this be put into play in TESIS work? Since we all have different degrees of background in phenomenology, we will spend some time discussing classic and contemporary definitions and various phenomenological methods (links to handout and readings, please let us know if there is additional literature you would like to discuss). The goals of these discussions are to clarify basic concepts and articulate questions regarding possible applications of phenomenology in fellows’ work.


Fellows will practice giving presentations in an informal setting to an interested audience of peers. Presentations will be quite brief – about five minutes long – and can either update the group as to what the fellow has been working on or can pose an interesting research question the fellow would like to work on. 0-3 slides suggested.

TESIS expectations discussion

Throughout the day, fellows are encouraged to write notes on a board (which will be provided) regarding different aspects of TESIS they would like to discuss. Perhaps you have questions about secondments, or suggestions for certain kinds of training. At the end of the day fellows will meet with Ezequiel Di Paolo and Hanne De Jaegher to discuss these and other questions about working life in TESIS.